Sunday, 22 February 2009

I Can't Help Looking Back!

Having watched us look rather thin on options up front yesterday, I didn't need to see Neil Roberts' performance for Rhyl on Sgorio when I got in!

He scored two early goals and was ludicrously unfortunate not to get a first half hat trick whe a shot from the edge of the box hit the left post, span across the face of goal and went narrowly wide of the other!

He hit the post again in the second half and the keeper fumbled another long ranger but managed to get back and grab it before it crossed the line.

I've never argued he should have been kept as a striker, although I've constantly said he should have been retained as a midfielder, but bearing in mind how little bite up front we had in the absence of Marc Williams yesterday, I might revise that opinion.

I'm not a Louis-basher; in fact I was very surprised he was taken off yesterday as I thought he was giving the Ebbslfeet defenders something to think about. However I'd say Jon Brown, who I think you can argue is one of the most effective players in the Conference, is more dangerous on the right than through the middle from what evidence I've seen so far. With Patrick Suffo admitting he still only has about an hour in him and Michael Proctor clearly not on Dean Saunders' radar, we need another striker. Once more Brian Little's remarkable decision to jetison Roberts looks ludicrous.

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