Saturday, 17 May 2008

Drewe's Back on the Market

So Drewe Broughton is looking for a new club! I'll stick my head above the parapet and say I'm one of the minority-I'd have him back!

Not that I think that's on the agenda-Brian Little clearly wantsw as clean a slate as possible, and only the youngsters are going to be given a second chance in general. I'd be happy to see Broughton lending his weight to our efforts to return to the Football League for a few reasons though.

Firstly, I should admit that I do see why people are not keen on the notion. He hardly peppered opposing goalkeepers with shots and his strike rate was completely unacceptable. However, he does cause disruption and could do a very good job in support of a prolific striker (where we get one of them from is, admittedly, a good question!)

I'm not going to claim he'd score more at Conference level-I don't think the issue of his inability to score would be resolved by dropping a league. His committment would be a great asset though; you can't claim he wouldn't put himself about, and I think we might need a bit of that next season.

His return would also give my "Jim Steel's Love Child" t-shirt a reprieve.

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