Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Tremendous News!

Surprising but terrific news-Carl Tremarco stays! I didn't expect that to be the case for a moment, but it's a heck of a boost as we look forward to our step into the unknown. I think it's fair to say that if Tremarco didn't have the injury record that he has then he would never have ended up with us in the first place. He's a good full back, full of energy and positive intent, and if he can stay on the pitch he'll be a huge asset, no question.
However, his injuries were surely the reason that only Chester and Rotherham were willing to take a chance on him, and that was fortunate for us as you can see why he turned them both down. The two sides with the most downward momentum in the second half of the season (ourselves excluded) were probably those two, though for differing reasons.
Chester need to get things sorted quickly if they aren't to have a disaster next season, and I don't say that with any sense of pleasure. They capitulated after such a strong start-who'd have thought when they were in second place in November that the points they'd accumulated weren't a basis for a promotion push but, like us the season before, an insurance against relegation? You can see why Tremarco was wary of joining them.
The Rotherham story is a terrible one. There were rumours going round at the end of last season that they were going out of business; thankfully that doesn't now seem to be the case, but they suffered terribly from going into administration.
The Millers side that thrashed us at Millmoor looked set for promotion; they certainly were a class above most of the teams we played last season. However, they were devastated by the docking of ten points and commensurate loss of confidence, coupled with that awful injury picked up by Brogan, a gifted attacking left back who was terrific in that match against us and, I assume, was the player Tremarco was earmarked to replace.
Bearing all that in mind, United are a side to be worried for next season; Tremarco has first hand knowledge of how administration can lead to a downward spiral on the pitch, and naturally decided it was better to stick to the devil he knew.
Tremarco's decision might just be the boost we need to kick-start Brian Little's Summer of reassessment. A key player committing himself to the cause might make players mulling over contract offers look more favourably at us. Fingers crossed that this is the start of the successful Summer Little needs.

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