Monday, 26 May 2008

Thank You Denis

So Denis Smith is leaving the area, and his departure is more than just symbolic.

The very fact that he immediately bought a home in Gresford signalled his intent to commit himself to Wrexham's cause, something Brian Flynn was criticised for not attempting (harshly in my eyes.)

Furthermore, he often commented on his love for the area and his hopes that the club could represent the region in a fitting manner. He even looked to pack his side with local lads and Welshmen, clearly pursuing a deliberate policy to create a clearly Welsh squad. He managed us with the zeal of a convert to the North Walian cause.

Quite apart from such values, there's a greater reason why I'm sorry to see him leave an area he didn't just work in but looked to represent. While I accept things were going a little astray near the end of his reign, I still strongly believe that if he had remained in the job we wouldn't be in The Conference now.

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