Saturday, 17 May 2008

Waiting For Evo

So we might find out what's going to happen with Steve Evans soon. Or perhaps not. It feels odd to not really be all that bothered.

I always thought a side which is relegated to the Conference would have a nightmare trying to hang onto its talent, so it seems strange to feel fairly ambivalent about whether a current international should stay or not. That's were I am over this though.

I guess it's the fact that Evans has made too many mistakes this season. As Brian Little says, he has all the physical attributes required to make a huge impact on The Conference, and he has put in some excellent performances for us over the last two years. However, the lapses in concentration which, to my eyes, seem to be the issue aren't going to go away.

It seems to me that, if his back holds out, Danny Williams has those attributes too. I prefer him in midfield personally, but if it was a choice between him being at The Racecourse or not, I'd have him at the back in a flash. If only he and Neil Roberts had been extended the same opportunity to mull over a deal for a week.

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