Sunday, 11 May 2008

Scouting Mission

Yesterday's FA Trophy Final was a chance to see what decent Conference sides are like, and it made me feel a little nervous.

I've spent most of my football watching life looking at teams we're going to have to play against, either on TV or live, and I naturally try to imagine what we'd do against them. The Ebbsfleet-Torquay was contested by two decent sides who, in the past, I'd have felt we had a fair chance of beating. That was the past now-last season we had to watch a Wrexham side like no other I've seen. You couldn't confidently predict we'd enjoy success against anyone. And now we have no squad as such. Blue Square have made us second favourites to win the Conference, but you'd have to be crazy to make any sort of judgement on us as no-one knows what our team will be!

Tell you what though, I hope Ebbsfleet's eighteen-year-old striker John Akinde has enjoyed a big money move in the Summer, as I'd be terrified of him having a run at our defence! Especially if we can't offload Richard Hope! Imagine Asafa Powell in a race with Chris Moyles!

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