Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Stockholm Syndrome

Matt Crowell's warning to Wrexham in the Evening Leader is appropriate, but I can't help feeling I wouldn't mind him being on our side as we face up to the fight. Is this a strange psychological symptom in me? I can't help noticing a certain regret as I see our previous players at different clubs-it's almost like Stockholm Syndrome! I've started to hanker after the players who handcuffed us to the Conference radiator!

I know we had to have a clear-out, but Crowell was a good battling midfielder, Lee McEvilly was an awkward so-and-so (I'm just talking about on the pitch here!) and don't get me started on the likes of Neil Roberts!

I know I'm wrong on some of these cases. I know we had no option but to get rid of McEvilly, who wasn't fit half the time, and that included when he was playing. I know Crowell also had injury problems, and the circumstances at the time meant he had to go. But if McEvilly had been in our squad last season, would he have done any worse than our strikers did? Would you be happy to add Crowell to our squad now if you could?

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